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September 26, 2015

This episode revisits the midwives at Birmingham Women's Hospital, one of the country's busiest delivery units. With nearly 600 births a month and only 21 beds, it is a constant juggling act for the midwives coping with an increasing number of high risk mums.



September 25, 2015

This episode follows the midwives at the University Hospital of Wales as they look after mums who need additional medical support and care.



September 24, 2015

The community midwives of Manchester's Saint Mary's Hospital are responsible for almost 5,000 newborn babies every year. Every day they are trying to spot the mums who might need more than just a cursory examination - determining which mums will cope easily with a new baby and which ones might struggle.



September 23, 2015

This film is set on the maternity ward of Wirral Women and Children's Hospital, near Liverpool. The midwives here look after the mothers who can't or won't be at home in the days before or immediately after their baby is born. Each one of the 26 single en-suite rooms on the ward will present the midwives with a different problem. They see a mix of antenatal and postnatal patients. This means medic...

September 22, 2015

This episode looks at the work of the midwives at Saint Mary's Hospital, Manchester, who help mums and dads through high risk pregnancies or cases where mums and their babies need extra special care. 



September 21, 2015

In this episode at Birmingham Women's Hospital we meet midwife Maureen who prefers to work on the birth centre where birthing pools, aromatherapy massage oils and 'a bit of witchcraft' are all on offer to help deliver babies as nature intended. 



September 20, 2015

Make Me a Midwife follows three trainees at St Mary's Hospital, Manchester, as they embark on the daunting task of learning to become a midwife.



September 19, 2015

This film follows the midwives on the Central Delivery Unit at Saint Mary's Hospital in Manchester - one of the busiest labour wards in the country. These midwives have to work out how best to look after each mum and her baby, whilst juggling the resources of a modern hospital.



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Midwifery Education Refresher Programs

September 16, 2015

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